Cabinet Veterinaire International offers a full range of veterinary services, including:

Custom-designed cat food diets, formulated by certified veterinary nutritionists, for the treatment and prevention of cat illnesses and health problems.  Many cat owners opt for personally preparing their pet’s food for any of the following reasons:

  • Following numerous cat food safety recalls, and subsequent cat illnesses and deaths, owners feel more comfortable preparing their cat’s food.
  • Some cat owners are unfamiliar with ingredient listings on commercially produced cat foods, and prefer a simpler, natural diet.
  • Many cat health problems require specialized diets to slow progression of the cat’s illness, or to calm a cat’s symptoms.
  • Cats that are allergic to common ingredients in canned or bagged foods need to eat food that is free from allergic triggers.

Preventative Feline Care

Kitten Care

Geriatric Cat Care

Chinese Medicine, including Acupuncture

Homeopathic Care and Treatment

Bioresonance Therapy

CAT Scan Access

MRI Access

Feline Dentistry, including Cleaning and Extractions

Internal Feline Medicine

Veterinary Surgery

Feline Cardiac Care

Radiology (X-Ray)



Onsite Pharmacy

Onsite Laboratory

Cat Grooming

Exotic Pet Care

Microchip Identification

24/7 Emergency Vet Service