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Hello, and Welcome to our website.  Cabinet Veterinaire International helps you, a concerned cat owner, to preserve your cat’s good health, or remedy poor health, with proper feeding and health maintenance.  Read on to learn how, and why, the right kind of food, as recommended by top-notch animal hospitals, can be your cat’s best medicine (and can improve his or her chances of living a long and healthy life, free from pet medication).

Mies, Switzerland is home to Cabinet Veterinaire International.  Mies is centrally located, near both Geneva and Nyon (on Rt. Suisse 9).  Click here for directions.

Don’t Feed Your Cat from a Bag until You Consider Your Animal Hospital’s Philosophy on Cat Food

If you were to eat potato chips and cheeseburgers for the rest of your natural life, would you thrive?  For how long?

Just as every human is worthy of proper nutrition, so is your cat.  Physicians are concerned about your health.  Pet veterinarians everywhere, as well as those at Cabinet Veterinaire International, are likewise concerned about your cat’s health.

Cabinet Veterinaire International integrates tailor-made cat food diets into its practice not only because cats thrive on natural food, made of easily transferable energy, but also because each cat’s nutrition needs are unique.  Those needs depend on any number of factors.  Kitten care, cat pregnancy, illnesses and health problems that are complicated by improper feeding can all result in troublesome cat symptoms, if a targeted diet is not devised and adhered to.

Our philosophy includes the belief that when animal hospitals understand the importance of proper feeding, better health results are realized.  We also believe that when food is a cat’s medicine, the animal hospital’s staff can better focus on the patient, instead of the cat’s symptoms.  And that equals care that’s delivered with respect, with compassion, and in the best interest of both client and patient.

Animal Hospitals’ Objectives Should Include Thinking “Outside the Bag”

We promise to treat your cat with the highest level of integrity, honesty, and compassion.  We are prepared to treat and prevent cat illnesses and complications with the latest that medical development has to offer.  But, our primary plan for the health of your cat is prevention.  More specifically, prevention and treatment through the feeding of a highly nutritious and targeted diet.

Ask a vet how he or she feeds their own cat, and you probably won’t hear the words “can” or “bag” – especially if that cat is suffering from health problems.  At Cabinet Veterinaire International, we offer the same feeding resources for your cat that we use for our own pets.  With recipes designed by feline nutrition experts, we help you to offer only the very best to your best friend.

The Part that Homemade Cat Food Plays in the Prevention and Treatment of Cat Illnesses

Firstly, it isn’t simply recommended, but is necessary, that cats be provided with annual health exams.  Only a pet doctor can adequately examine your cat for hidden signs of illnesses and undetectable symptoms.

Cat age up to 7 times as quickly as humans, making the annual cat exam 7 times more essential to a long and healthy life.  Along with those yearly visits, comes your cat’s need for the following:

  • Your pet’s vaccinations are necessary for preventing life-threatening cat illnesses and health problems.  Updating them annually should be considered part of basic pet health care.
  • Tooth brushing does more than clean cats’ teeth.  It prevents bad breath, gum disease, and infection that can spread to major organs and cause catastrophic complications.  So brush up!
  • Many cats are able to thrive on commercially produced food, but there are cases in which these one-size-fits-all diets can aggravate, or cause, cats’ health problems.  In these cases, a tailored, homemade diet will not only nourish your cat, but serve to preserve his or her health.
  • Annual health checks are invaluable for the early detection of potential cat health problems.  Avoid illnesses, keep tabs on your cat’s pregnancy, or stay on top of your kitten’s care with regular visits to your cat’s vet

p.s.  Improper cat diets are no laughing matter.  Poor nutrition can result in degenerative disease, allergies, skin and coat problems, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, arthritis, obesity, eye problems, heart disease, gum disease, kidney failure, and cancer.  A consultation with professionals at Cabinet Veterinaire International can help you determine if your cat’s diet is sufficient for good health.

s.  Health problems in cats, such as kidney, heart, or liver disease; urinary stones, diabetes, obesity, or cancer, require specialized diets.  These specialized diets can only be found at veterinary clinics where the animal doctor is familiar with cat diets that are devised and calculated using veterinary nutrition expertise.

p.p.p.s  Dr. Omaboe primarily uses customized diets for the treatment of cat health problems.  He stresses the importance of cat owner attentiveness in food preparation and encourages open communication between himself and cat owners.